PK 237 Pakistan International Airlines

Today my heart bled and eyes cried, after looking at the condition of our national airline.

There were very few positives but I'm optimistic about its future, probably living in fool's paradise but honestly there were some positives.

I normally travel with Etihad, the airline that was leased planes by PIA back in the old days when PIA was world's best airlines and it was our professionals who use to train world airlines staff when it came to hospitality and customer services. I wish that time comes back but I guess that is highly unlikely.

Just so you know while I was writing this sitting in the plane and as the flight gets boarded and plan was about to taxi off to the runway and a soft and kind voice echoed "due to some technical problems the flight is delayed we are sorry for inconvenience". Honestly seriously! Are you plucking my eyelashes. God Almighty please grant me the patience I need to get through this. #!#@#$# @#$#$#@#@ and a few more silently #!@#@#@$&#@#$!!

After 30 minutes of further delay now I believe we are about to move. I hope we start our journey soon. Don't worry I will paint my entire journey from the minute I got to airport later in the story but for now bear with my rants. After a total of 120 minutes Delay and still counting on board since 55 minutes waiting for the plane to leave the deck and start taxi towards the runway.

No no, no no no…. Yes we have to disembark now because they couldn't solve the technical problem with some card. While they kept trying aircraft kept making that noise:

pk237 unable to start

Ok now we are off the aircraft and given this:


And sent back to boarding lounge, now here is the irony the board says


But the announcement being made says delayed till 3:00am. Now here is the observation from the above, there is no one in charge of operations at all, no one has a clue what is to be said or done. Probably the head of operations and traffic and engineering had gone home to sleep and poor team leads were making the decisions and trying to call the shots which wasn't working their way and that is because of lack of leadership and proper training to handle disaster situation.

Anyhow a lesson learned, a detail report on this coming shortly..

More images the flight had only 53 passengers…

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